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Working in Partnership with You

At WealthWorks Financial Strategies, our mission is to collaboratively construct tailored financial plans in harmony with our clients’ deeply held values. Through open communication and a shared commitment, we empower our clients to achieve their life purpose while upholding the principles that matter most to them.

About the Founder

Veronica Aguilera

Veronica is the visionary behind WealthWorks Financial Strategies. Her life’s tapestry weaves together experiences from diverse corners of the world. As a very young girl she was brought up in the vibrant Mexican-American community of East Los Angeles, California, and she cherished the spirited holiday gatherings that exemplified close-knit family bonds.

Veronica’s father came from the picturesque Bedfordshire countryside in England. Her parents met, married in Los Angeles, and embarked on an adventure to Lagos, Nigeria, where Veronica was born. The family’s journey led them through Liberia, Sierra Leone, Bermuda, and eventually back to the United States before relocating to England. Veronica spent her formative years in Sussex, England, until she returned to California at the age of 20. It was at this point that her professional journey began, with a role as a bank teller in East Los Angeles.

Back in this community, as an adult, she was moved by a profound sense of togetherness. Multiple generations gathered at the bank on the 1st of each month to pay home mortgages, uniting grandparents, parents, and working adult children. They managed financial responsibilities as a family while celebrating life’s moments, fostering an intergenerational bond of wisdom, stories, and shared experiences that emphasized respect for elders and a culture of celebration.

Veronica Aguilera CLTC®, Wealth Advisor and CEO

This experience taught Veronica a key lesson: true wealth isn’t measured in monetary terms. Instead, it’s the fabric of a life well-lived, woven with love, respect for family, and the collective strength to face challenges together.

This pivotal insight guides Veronica’s interactions with her clients. Understanding each individual’s unique “wealth identity” forms the cornerstone of her approach. Through customized plans, she empowers her clients to embrace the present, while confidently preparing for tomorrow. In Veronica’s philosophy, wealth is the harmony of life’s essential elements, and money serves as a conduit to enriching those experiences.

Veronica settled in Prescott over 20 years ago, where she found her life partner, Hank, and together they are raising their two children. Prescott is her dream home, embodying the motto “Live a life you don’t need to vacation from.” The daily beauty of the community brings her constant joy, and she relishes the convenience of nearby Arizona gems like Sedona and Flagstaff for outdoor adventures, including hiking, geocaching, and kayaking.


Background & Skills

  • In Financial Services for more than 25 years
  • Financial Advisor for more than 15 years

Licenses & Certifications

  • Certification in Long-Term Care – CLTC®: 7/2022
  • Arizona Dept of Insurance – Life, Health & Disability: 05/2016
  • FINRA Series 63: 8/2002
  • FINRA Series 65: 7/2017
  • FINRA Series 66: 3/2019
  • FINRA Series 6: 8/2016
  • FINRA Series 7: 3/2019

Educator & Speaker

  • Founded Wise Women Prosper, a Financial Literacy Group for Women, in 2021 – meets twice per month
  • Taught Tax Efficient Retirement Ready classes at ASU Polytechnic in Mesa in May 2022
  • Workshop Facilitator at Arizona Chapter of American Association of University Women, January 2023
  • Speaker at Prescott Valley Chamber International Women’s Day Luncheon, March 2023

Media & Awards

  • Business Networking International – Prescott Money Makers – Chapter Member of the Year 2021
  • Putting Her Clients on a Wise Path” – Prescott Woman Magazine August/September 2022
  • Recipient of 2023 Woman’s Emerging Leadership Award at Sedona Chamber’s Women’s Day Luncheon, March 2023


Veronica is a firm advocate for nurturing the potential of the upcoming generation. Her engagement with Yavapai Big Brothers Big Sisters spans more than two decades, including three instances where she actively participated as a Big. Presently, she holds roles on the Board of Trustees and the Executive Committee, furthering her commitment to this cause.

Our Values

Your Future, Our Focus

Empowering your financial journey with experience and compassion.


To illuminate the financial landscape, providing our clients with clear, well-defined wealth paths, and guiding them with a commitment to excellence in every step of their journey.


To empower our clients on their wealth journey, providing them with the knowledge and strategies they need to make informed decisions, help secure their future, and thrive.


At the heart of our ethos lies the unwavering commitment: 'Your prosperity is our top priority.' This motto underscores our dedication to our clients financial well-being, driving every decision and action we take.

The Team

The People Behind the Planning

Our dedicated team collaborates to craft tailored strategies aligned with your goals. With a collective of seasoned advisors working in harmony, we’re committed to delivering comprehensive and effective financial solutions to help you achieve your objectives.

David Lundberg, MBA

Combat Marine Veteran, CEO of Love Light Flourish

David Lundberg is the numerical genius driving the plans at WealthWorks Financial Strategies. With a strong military background, David blends strategic thinking and rapid decision-making, skills honed during his service in the Marines.

After an honorable discharge due to combat-related injuries in Iraq, David pursued an MBA in finance, showcasing his dedication to growth even in the face of challenges. This personal journey underscores his belief that genuine financial freedom is born from understanding life’s true priorities.

David’s approach unites meaningful aspirations with practical figures, emphasizing the transformative power of aligning dreams with numbers. His strategies not only target financial goals but also reflect individual values, offering a pathway to realizing dreams while cherishing life’s precious moments.

Ashley Lundberg, MS Business Leadership

COO of Love Light Flourish

At the heart of our business stands an inspiring woman, the yin to David’s yang, devoted as a wife, mother, and essential business partner. Ashley’s unique blend of warmth, wisdom, and determination infuses purpose into every venture. As a dedicated family woman, her unwavering commitment to kinship radiates, fostering unity.

Ashley plays a crucial role as our operations professional, making sure that our clients receive top-notch service. Guiding others toward prosperity is her innate calling, rooted in cherishing life’s moments while building robust financial foundations. A Relationship and Wellness advisor, she empowers clients through home workshops, emphasizing experience and memories. Her infectious enthusiasm uplifts all, revealing that genuine wealth fuses greater financial security with the joys of a well-lived life.

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